RTX 3070 initial failure problem? And issue

RTX 3070 initial failure problem?

I bought an RTX 3070 for gameplay. It has been working normally for the past few days.
But two days ago, I had a problem with the game graphics. Yesterday, the screen abnormality got worse. And I couldn't play any games.

My PC System

There is no problem with Windows or surfing the web. Only games have problems. Graphics card temperature is normal.

The same symptom occurs even if I change the NVIDIA graphics driver. Through NVIDIA official forums and news, there is a problem with the newly released graphics driver.

But it doesn't seem like that. Perhaps it's a problem with the RTX 3070 chipset itself. It seems that such a rapid occurrence of failure is not normal.


The video is an Overwatch video I recorded myself.
The resolution is QHD, and the graphics usage is close to 100%.
The PC power supply is 600W, but it doesn't seem to be a power problem. This is because the graphics card temperature is normal and has been normal for the past few days.

Detailed PC specifications
Gigabyte Eagle RTX 3070
Ryzen 5600X (None over)
PC 3200 Geil (None D.O.C.P)
600W power supply
ASUS A520M-C Main board

Am I out of luck? RTX 3070 Bad News

The quick breakdown of the RTX 3070 may be my bad luck. However, with hundreds of graphics cards being used, this is the first time such a quick breakdown.

So I wonder if this RTX 3070 symptom is a problem with the chipset itself.

QHD RTX 3070 temperature and utilization

I'm going to get a replacement through the Gigabyte official center. If similar symptoms occur again, I will post again. And if there is a case of the RTX 3070 showing symptoms similar to me, please let me know through the reply.

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